Friday, December 11, 2009

Trippin over love

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whoa , we're all trippin'. that constant need for somone by our side, to be there when our arms feel naked, and need a little hug, or when our lips get cold, and need a little warmth, we feen for a spouse, we feen for love.

Although we are too young, we still force ourselves to think that we will be with eachother forever, We know this isn't true, better yet, how many couples do we know last forever from the age 13 +?

Our hormones run wild. us Teeeeeeeeeeens .. smh.

Ladies think:
Does he want me for my looks?
Does he want me for sex?
Is he using me to cover up his feelings for his ex?
Is he desparate?
.....Am i desparate?

We dont think before we act, we're impulsive when it comes to love.
Whole purpose is,
think before you make a commitment, you just dont want to get hurt at the end.

*go0o0o0o0d shit :D ♥ Me

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